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How To Throw A Forehand Rise - Ultimate Frisbee Tutorial

Learn how to make a frisbee rise with air bounce or manually

How to throw a forehand rise in ultimate frisbee tutorial. Some of you may know this throw as a low release or a type of air bounce. A rise is any throw that ends at a higher point than where it was released. A low release is not a throw. Every throw can be thrown from a low position. A throw describes the behavior of the disc path not the release point. Flat, rise, io, oi, drop, hammer, and scoober are throws. They describe the disc behavior. For a more accurate description you use both the throw and the release height in the name. For example high release flat or low release rise, but never just the height selector because it does not describe how the disc behaves and where it will end up. If this video helped you SHARE it so others can be helped as well.
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