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The Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

What gloves should you get to play ultimate frisbee?

Why Wear Gloves?
Ultimate frisbee gloves have many features that can benefit players. Gloves provide traction that can increase throwing distance, improve catching consistency, provide grip in rainy and wet conditions, keep hands warm in the cold, and provide padding on hard throws. It is important to use an ultimate frisbee style glove because they are designed to provide grip without being too sticky to impact throwing. Other types of gloves like football receiver gloves are designed with only catching in mind and end up being very difficult to throw in. The links below are affiliate links and gear that I recommend.

Layout Gloves
-Synthetic leather palm provides great feel on the disc.
-Very good traction and amazing in the rain.
-Great catching performer.
-Some may find getting forehands to release properly difficult.

Friction Gloves
-Large selection of sizes.
-Minimal traction allows throws to not stick.
-Decent in the rain.
-Come in a warm model for cold weather.

Mint Gloves
-Unique fit and comfortable materials.
-Some pairs have shedding issues.
-Padded palm to reduce sting.
-Not great in the rain.
-Very tacky traction.
-Some may find them difficult to throw in or require an adjustment period.

Disc Living Gloves
-Similar to Friction design.
-Moderate Traction.
-Budget Friendly.

Huck Nation Gloves
-Seamless glove design.
-Moderate Traction.
-Not the greatest aesthetically (look like gardening gloves).
-Can have durability issues.

Flyers Ult Pentaero
-Similar design to Mint Gloves.
-Reinforced palm padding.
-Moderate Traction.
-Less expensive than Mint Gloves.

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